Description of a lesson

If one wants to learn to ‘listen’ to one’s own body, one needs help from a Teacher, who by touch and verbal instructions will demonstrate how to use ‘conscious control’ and how to listen to our body.
Every lesson is individually adjusted to each student. By means of work in standing, sitting, lying down and movement, the classes teach you conscious use of your body, regardless of age or health issues. Classes are for everyone who wants to live in a better harmony with themselves. Sessions are designed to teach improved movement habits and “grounding”, which in situations of stress is a key element. This all leads to a return to natural, free and light use of our body.


The cost of lessons is 120PL for 45-60 minutes. If you book a package of 5 lesson a 6th one is free.

To arrange a private lesson please contact me by phone or e-mail.